Authorized person
Authorized person
Fertilizer Spreader Machine FSM
Fertilizer Spreader Machine FSM-1
Fertilizer Spreader Machine FSM-2
Fertilizer Spreader Machine FSM-5
Fertilizer Spreader Machine FSM-6
Fertilizer Spreader Machine FSM-8
Fertilizer Spreader Machine FSM-9
Fertilizer Spreader Machine TF-9
Fertilizer Spreader Machine TF-12
Fertilizer Spreader Machine TF-15
Fertilizer Spreader Machine TF-25
Fertilizer Spreader Machine FSM-10
Drum Mower WRX-125
Drum Mower WRX-145
Drum Mower WRX-165
Drum Mower WRX-185
Drum Mower WRX-250
Drum Pasture-Alfalfa Mower IR 165
Drum Pasture-Alfalfa Mower IR 250-B
Drum Pasture-Alfalfa Mower IR-125
Rotary Disc Mower RD-205
Rotary Disc Mower RD-240 SD
Wheel Rake WRX-4
Wheel Rake WRX-5
Wheel Rake WRX-8
Wheel Rake WRX-9
Milking Machine WRX-01
Milking Machine WRX-02
Milking Machine WRX-03
Milking Machine WRX-04
Milking Machine WRX-06
Milking Machine WRX-07
Milking Machine WRX-09
Milking Machine WRX-10
Milking Machine WRX-12
Milking Machine WRX-13
Milking Machine WRX-15
Milking Machine WRX-16
Milking Machine WRX-17
Double Axle Trailer DA
Double Axle Trailer DA
Single Axle Trailer SA
Single Axle Trailer SA
Special Type Trailer SP
Special Type Trailer SP
Tandem Trailer TDM
Tandem Trailer TDM
Feed Mixer FM-3
Feed Mixer FM-6
Feed Mixer FM-8
Feed Mixer FM-12
Feed Mixer FM-14
Potato Harvester PH-500
Potato Harvester PH-600
Potato Harvester PH-1200
Potato Planter PP-900
Potato Planter PP-1000
Chissel Plough CP
Disc Plough DP
Eleven Legs Roller CLT
Field Type Rotary Tiller FRT
Fixed Profile Plough FPP
Foldable V TYpe Offset Disc Harrow FTOD
Foldable X Type Tandem Disc Harrow FTTD
French Type Subsoiler FTS
Full Automatic Plough FAP
Interrow Hoeing Machine IHM
Power Harrow PH
Rotary Plough RP
Trailed Type Offset Disc Harrow TTOD
X Type Mounted Tandem Disc Harrow XTMT
Forage Harvester FH 2
Forage Harvester FH
Maize Chopper MC 2
Maize Chopper MC
Hydraulic Membrane Pump HPM-04
Regulator RG-01
Sprayer Garden Type MT-400
Sprayer Garden Type MT-600
Sprayer Garden Type MT-1000
Sprayer Hydraulic Lifted HL16-800
Sprayer Hydraulic Lifted HLM-1000
Sprayer Manuel Lifted ML-400
Sprayer Mechanic Lifted MCH-600
Sprayer Mounted Special Type Turbo MST-600
Sprayer Mounted Special Type Turbo MST-603
Sprayer Panter Leo PL-1000
Sprayer Panter Maxi PM-1000
Sprayer Panter Plus PP-AT
Sprayer Panter Plus PP-LF
Sprayer Trailed Special Type Turbo TST-1000
Sprayer Trailed Type High Wheel HW-16
Sprayer Trailed Type TT-15
Sprayer Trailed Type TT-1000
Sprayer Trailed Type Turbo TT-2000
Combined Grain And Pulse Seed Drill
Combined Grain and Pulse Seed Drill
Pneumatic Seeder Disc Shared PSD
Pneumatic Seeder Tine Shared PS
Universal Grain And Pulse Seed Drill UGP